Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1956-The Red Coat with the Toggle Buttons

In 1956 I was actually taller than my brother "Little Wally"

In a family of seven children clothes were handed down on a regular basis—and Wally was happy to be wearing a red coat in this picture that was actually mine. It was a great coat as I remember—had toggle buttons and a hood. Great for sleigh riding—building snowmen. We were obviously heading out somewhere in this picture—in Mom's '53 Cadillac in the background. I probably wouldn't be riding out the window on this day as I did on others— because it was obviously a winter day—too brisk for that!

Fast forward to Christmas 2008—52 years! (..did I say that?)
My brother Wally surprised me with a gift that made me smile! He first presented me with the picture at the top of this post—and when I opened the box and saw the red coat with the toggle buttons I immediately recognized it. ......He was finally giving it back to me!

Just to assure you that the coat would not fit him now, here's one of my favorite picture of my "little" brother Wally—taken a "few" years ago when he was on the road with my Dad, Mr.Sawdust

Wally is son #4—named after my Dad. He is an incredibly gifted woodworker—and all around nice guy—a great brother!

These pictures were taken with my "baby" David—youngest of my four children.
Even he's taller than me!
(...and he always makes me smile!)

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