Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Make-over: The Little Log House

Back in the 50's my brother Jeff (#3 brother in the line of 6 brothers) —could put together a fort or house in the woods that was quite unbelievable! He would take a few of my dad's tools, (pay for it later) hammer and nails, saw, spare lumber— gather some fallen branches and construct small houses that we could really play in.

His most advanced project though, for an eight-year-old, was the houseboat; complete with built in bunk beds and a balcony overhead. We were all excited on the day of the launch, standing on the banks of the swamp in the woods behind the house. It is a good thing we were not on board, though. It sunk immediately!
His creative endeavors have continued, now a master at carving and furniture restoration. Sometime I'll share some of his amazing carvings here. But this is about something nice he did for us last year just before Christmas....

We live in a log cabin and the original builder constructed a miniature cabin and placed it at the end of the driveway to the house. It was in bad shape after years of neglect. I wanted to find a way to restore it rather than put it out of its misery. The picture above is the "before" definitely needed a friend!

I asked my brother Jeff if he could put a new roof on it and he agreed to—loaded it up into his truck and drove it away. A few months later he brought the little cabin back and true to form Jeff amazed us! This is what it looks like now...

Jeff even installed lighting inside so the windows light up at night.

........Thanks again Jeff!


  1. Darling! Great job Jeff - and I know your sister is treasuring this. BTW, what size is it?

    1. The cabin is close to 3ftX4 ft Wanda.
      ...and I am treasuring it! : )


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