Tuesday, November 8, 2011

They're Here—My original "Dear Baby Boomer" greeting cards!

If you've been reading my stories or if you've been a part of "Dear Baby Boomer-Remembering the 50's & 60's" on Facebook you know that there's a special place in my heart for those simpler days back when we were kids. I have found the subject to be a nice diversion when life in 2011 gets—well—complicated! (...know what I mean?)
If you look back at those days and *sigh* wondering, "Was life really that simple back then?" I know you will enjoy my cards.

If you've been reading along you will recognize some of the images from my stories.Take the Cadillac for example....
This card originated from the story of my mom's 1953 Cadillac that you can read here.
Each card comes with a memory on the back-typed with my vintage typewriter.

Like this...
(Back of card)

My cards are professionally printed on #120 cover stock. The colors are rich and beautiful-like I had discovered a brand new box of crayons!
This first edition set comes with six 5x7 cards—one card of each design —and envelopes. They are blank inside since Baby Boomers still like to...express themselves!
There are more stories to come—and more cards in the series. This is the beginning!

My Etsy shop is officially OPEN!

Take a look around!