Tuesday, October 15, 2013

.....Bell bottoms are Back!

THEY'RE BACK! I knew that if I kept them long enough, my favorite style of all times—would return again!
Baby boomers who lived through the 60's and early 70's remember them—Landlubbers, hip-huggers made of every fabric imaginable! I remember one pair in particular—orange, black and white striped—wide stripes. I thought they were particularly cool—until someone told me I looked like I was calling the cows home. Really didn't faze me though—over 30...
what did he know?

And would you believe, one of the very first images I came across in a Google search for images of bell bottom pants back then was this one—"
the" pants I have described? My pants! And here they are!
And would you believe that these "groovy bell bottoms" were a part of Yoko Ono's wardrobe?
So I was right..what did he know?

My first exposure to bell bottoms was around 1963 when my oldest brother Marc joined the navy—the real thing and they were pretty classy! But I must confess it was after seeing “Sonny and Cher” that I had to have a pair—along with every friend I knew!

Now here I am in 2013—finding this old style beyond hip or groovy—it's functional!
As the water rises to my ankles, I just roll them up below the knee—convenient AND stylish.
I'm a journaller—I journal about everything. Several years ago, realizing we had bought a house with a very
unique plumbing system, I began a plumbing journal. And over the past few years that journal evolved into a 37 page illustrated book! 
I have decided to release the book here for the first time as a digital version-at a low introductory price. 
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